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LG 60PV250

LG 60PV250: so much more!

When you want the best high-definition resolution and amazing graphics, then you should demand LG 60PV250 for your living room.


Entertainment needs to know no boundaries or rules. Invest in a nice television and enhance your entertainment experience.

Whether you are a sports fanatic or a gaming freak, or just the idle couch potato who loves watching movies in a relaxed, yet enhanced environment, you should consider buying LG 60PV250, because it provides all that, and much more!

LG 60PV250

LG 60PV250


If you want a Plasma television for your living room, then this particular model is the best option for you. The 60” Full HD Plasma TV with a native resolution of 1080p provides you with full-fledged entertainment.

With this particular television, you can convert your living room into a cinema or even a sports stadium. With the 600Hz refresh rate, the television delivers stunning graphics in fast-action. Full HD panel also makes this television worth to have it in your living room, because the picture quality will be twice better than any normal HDTV.

With a stunning contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1, this television combined with the Mega Contrast Ratio technology delivers you optimum image quality, with no blurring, no too much brightness, but just the right amount of image brightness and quality on your television screen.

Even in a bright environment, you can be sure that there will be no reflection. With Simplink, you can easily connect your HDTV via a single cable to different audio/video devices.

Moreover, if you want access to more movies and songs, you can connect and play them, through USB 2.0. If you want high definition contents, then this television also supports DivX HD format.

LG 60PV250

Moreover, the television is energy star qualified, because of the Backlight control function, which controls the brightness of the television.

The Screen off function allows you to switch off the screen, but you can keep the audio alive, thus consuming less energy. Moreover, the Standby Mode Zero function automatically sets your television to a power saving mode, when there is zero consumption of electricity.

The Surround Sound system is truly stunning, with Dolby Digital Decoder, and two speakers, each of 10W. The Surround System is infinite surround, delivering crisp audio quality. Dual XD engine and anti-reflective filter are also the additional features of this television.

The Intelligent Sensor also optimizes the picture to the lightning and color conditions in the room for a thoroughly invigorating entertainment experience. The television is ISFccc® Ready HDTV, which means that it has detailed standards, which are essential for professional calibration of brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, color levels and other such features, designed to provide you with the best viewing experience, whether during the day or the night.


Perfect television for your house! Go for it! LG 60PV250!

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