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Panasonic TC-L50EM5 Review

If you are looking for a television, which is able to make sure your entertainment is full, then choose Panasonic TC-L50EM5.

A television is necessary for every living room, so that the family can gather around to watch movies, and play games after a long day at work.

Whether you want to want to watch movies, listen to songs in a variety of different formats, then Panasonic TC-L50EM5 is the right one for you.


With this Panasonic TC-L50EM5 brilliant television that has a full LCD panel, with 1080p resolution on a 50-inch television, you are able to experience an exciting entertainment experience. It is able to produce around 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Because of the image stabilization and high-speed drive technology, you are able to reproduce HDTV videos into their original resolution. Because of this, you can also fine image detail from certain high-resolution sources, so that your television is completely compatible.

Panasonic TC-L50EM5

Furthermore, when you want to play games on your television, rest assured that this model will make sure that you have a truly mind-blowing experience, something that you would have never experienced before. VIERA is able to choose settings automatically, which are able to bring about the most optimal image.

In this way, there will be no delays and a super-fast response, especially when it comes to the game mode. Remember that even the dark scenes, which have small rendered details, will be thoroughly exciting to see, as well.

The look of this television is ultra-beautiful, as well. It has a chic and simple design. The body is quite light, with a transparent acrylic frame, along with a shiny black bezel. With this beautiful look, this television is able to add the right kind of style to your room.

Some of the other features of this particular television includes the fact that it has a USB playback, along with 2 HDMI terminals, 1 USB terminal and a PC input terminal. Hence, it has the advantage of being highly flexible.

The medial player allows you to insert an SD memory card or even a USB memory stick into the slot, so that you can enjoy video clips, music, and photos, which are on that particular source.

With this television, you are also able to add frames and other effects to videos and photos, add background music and make slideshows, so that when your family is town, a reunion can showcase all the memories on this large screen. Additionally, VIERA is also able to handle many formats.

Moreover, this television is environmentally-friendly, because it reduces the target power consumption by 25%. This model is also Energy Star Certified.

What else would you want? Buy Panasonic TC-L50EM5 from best price.

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