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RCA LED46A55R120Q Review

Are you looking for an exceptionally beautiful television, with a dynamic range of features? Choose RCA LED46A55R120Q.

RCA is one of the biggest companies, which has been manufacturing consumer electronics for the global market. RCA has a huge range of new technologies, which includes LED.

RCA LED46A55R120Q is one of its model, which has made technological advances in both audio and video, so that viewers can have a theater-like experience at home.


This RCA LED46A55R120Q 46-inch television has a full 1080 HD resolution, which is able to provide stunning clarity, bright colors, and amazing picture quality. The high brightness level, along with a dynamic contrast ratio is able to provide high quality pictures that only HDTVs can offer.


Furthermore, with a slim design, which looks beautiful in your television room, and with 16:9 wide screens, you are able to sharper images, as well as stunning details. Furthermore, the 120Hz Refresh rate makes action scenes more dynamic, and have more realistic motions, as well as smoother transitions. Fast-action movies and fast-paced games will be enjoyed to the fullest extent.

The dynamic contrast ratio is able to provide you with darker blacks and brighter whites, and also such vividness that its truly something to be recognized.

Additionally, the component accessory connections are another advantage of this television. You are able to connect your television to a wide variety of different connections, including Component, Audio, AV, HDMI and VGA, giving you more flexibility.

Connecting to your favorite media is now so easy. Furthermore, the RCA LED46A55R120Q television has built-in speakers, which are able to provide you with such an amazing stereo sound that your entertainment will be astonishingly amazing.

Furthermore, the true to life screen will integrate itself perfectly into any room, taking into consideration the lighting into your room, so that your entertainment is not compromised in any way or form.

It also has a huge range of power saving components, which has made it acquire a ENERGY STAR certification. Additionally, this television is also wall mountable, which means that it will require less space if you want to put it in a small room.

Furthermore, for tabletop mounting, the swivel stand is able to provide you with such adjustable flexibility that you can view your HDTV from a wide range of different angles.

With Digital Noise Reduction, which is able to decrease the voice produced from televisions, you are able to experience something truly amazing with this television.

Do not wait for anything else. You will not get so much packed in one single box, because this is truly brilliant!

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