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Samsung UN60EH6000 Review

If you want a brilliant television for your living room, then choose the best: Samsung UN60EH6000.

When you want to experience wide-screen entertainment and enjoy beautiful and dynamic colors dancing in front of you, then you need to have a beautiful television in your living room.

It should not only do good, it should also look good, so that the ambiance of your room can be increased.

Choose Samsung UN60EH6000 to make sure you get the best of both worlds. Also already a new model Samsung PN64E533.


Something spectacular has never been seen before. This Samsung UN60EH6000 60-inch television allows you to enjoy wide-screen entertainment right in your living room. It will be near cinematic experience, in the privacy and luxury of your house. Brace yourself for such an enjoyable experience of 1080p full high-definition entertainment experience.

Samsung UN60EH6000

With the Wide Color Enhancer Plus, you are able to watch the entire RGB spectrum right in your living room, so that vibrant and natural images can be produced on the screen, so you can enjoy any movie the way it was meant to be enjoyed. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, you can now watch the deepest black and the lightest white on the screen.

Furthermore, the Clear Motion Rate (CMR) of 240 was developed in such a way that the television can accurately measure fast-moving images within seconds. What is the ultimate result of this? You will have sharp and crisp details, and image distortion will be completely eliminated.

SRS Theatre Sound System will allow you to enjoy the audio as much as you will enjoy the video on the screen. After all, audio is as important to have an all-round entertainment experience. You want access to more entertainment?

You can connect a Blu-ray disc player via the HDMI cable, as well as a gaming console so you can play games on this television. The 2 HDMI ports allow you to connect different AV devices simultaneously. The USB port will allow you to watch the content on your flash drive right on your television.

With the Connect Share Movie technology, you can also watch videos, play music and also access photos from the USB Drive and have more widespread entertainment options.


Now, this Samsung UN60EH6000 does not offer you Internet capabilities or even the service of Wi-Fi. It also does not have 3D technology, which is quite in vogue these days.

But when you are truly going for JUST image quality, then this particular television is worth a look, and definitely worth the buy Samsung UN60EH6000!


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