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Sony KDL60EX645 Review

If you are looking for a television, which has a number of great technologies, choose Sony KDL60EX645.

With a huge variety of different technologies, which allows you to get into a world of full-burst entertainment, Sony KDL60EX645 is definitely something out of the ordinary.

With fine picture and a wide variety of different details, you would absolutely love to have it in your living room.


This Sony KDL60EX645 60-inch LED- edge television will look perfect sitting in your living room. The whole family would love to watch movies, and play games on this television, because it has such a huge range of dynamic features, which are unrivalled by any other television. With a Full HD 1080p, you will be able to experience high crystal-clear image resolution.

Sony KDL60EX645

Enter the world of pure entertainment, and connect your television to a huge range of HD Sources, which includes a Blu-ray disc player to explore a wide variety of entertainment options.

You can expect the quality of the picture to be truly worthy, because with the Clear Resolution Enhancer, you will be able to have such a wide range of textures and details, which cannot be witnessed through any other television.

You definitely have more control over depth and contrast with this particular model. Whether you are watching sports, or playing fast-action games, you will have a lifelike motion, with no blurs or hang-ups, which tend to take the fun out of entertainment.

The Motionflow XR 240 technology enables one to do that, because it is able to decrease judder, and recreate such a movement of real life on the screen that while sitting at home, you would feel as if you are on the field.

Because of the bright edge LED, there will be less space occupied in your living room. Furthermore, a brighter picture is produced through this television, which is quite different from the traditional LCD backlighting.

Sony’s Edge LED Backlight technology is able to create such enhanced content, and produce rich colors that your entertainment would know no bounds.

You will also have access to a huge network of entertainment options, through Sony Entertainment Network. This is able to provide you with a whole range of online videos, games, movies, TV shows, and music, so that you will never ever get bored.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can also use a wide range of different Internet applications, such as Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Pandora and much more. With no tangle of wires, because the television is Wi-Fi ready, you will be able to experience something truly amazing.


Why not choose this Sony KDL60EX645, which has such a huge range of features?

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