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Sony XBR65HX950

The Sony XBR65HX950 has to be one of the biggest televisions that is currently available on the market and there is no doubt that when you set eyes on this mammoth 65 inch screen you are certainly taken aback at the sheer scale of what you see before you.

There is also no doubt that the Sony name does carry a certain prestige with it, so is this latest model worthy of their name and is it one of the best televisions out there?

To answer this, we are best to start by looking at what this model offers you and this involves checking out its specifications.

As was previously mentioned you are looking at a 65 inch screen that is also HD ready, at 1080p, and also offers you the chance to view things in 3D, so at least initially it sounds like it could be a rather impressive item.

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The other things that you may wish to know about is that it comes equipped with their latest X Reality PRO Picture Engine and what this does is it helps to produce a picture that really does look as if you are viewing it from your own window.

This picture is then further improved by their MotionFlow XR 960 technology and what this does is it gives you an image that is free from juddering, so everything is smoother and more enjoyable to watch.

Sony XBR65HX950

The Sony XBR65HX950 also offers your local dimming with this leading to you getting perfect colors and contrast no matter what you are watching and apart from the image you are also able to connect it to the internet via Wi-Fi, make video calls with Skype, and connect your DVD, PC, or sync your tablet with it.

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From just the specifications this does sound a fantastic television and it has a number of advantages over its competitors. First, it has to be said that the picture quality really is second to none as it is very smooth, bright, the black levels are the best out there, and perfectly balanced at all times.


This does mean that your viewing experience is never hampered with this Sony XBR65HX950 model from Sony and it is fantastic to watch anything on it from sports, to movies, to nature documentaries where you really do feel as if you are there with them.

It should also be mentioned that the 3D technology is top class and this is certainly something you cannot say about other televisions where there is a certain degree of bleeding, but that is not an issue with this set. Finally, if you hook it up to your surround sound, then you are going to have your own cinema experience that will be very hard to beat.


Last of all it is worth mentioning a couple of problems with it because no product in the world is absolutely perfect all of the time. Perhaps the main disadvantage is that if you are not technologically minded, then understanding the different settings can get a bit confusing and it could mean you have to spend a couple of hours reading the manual.

Perhaps the only other disadvantage is if you buy it with the stand as it really is not the nicest one out there and should be replaced as quickly as possible, but this is being quite picky and should not take anything away from what is a fantastic television.

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In conclusion, it has to be said that for sheer size and quality, then the Sony XBR65HX950 really is one of the best televisions that you can buy right now and it truly does deserve having the Sony name.

The picture clarity is amazing, it is full of technology, you can control it via your smartphone and connect various devices to it without any problems and the honest truth is that the advantages far outnumber the disadvantages and when this happens, and then you know you are onto a great product and it is one you should undoubtedly buy Sony XBR65HX950 .

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