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TCL L42FHDE30 Review

If you want a television, which has superb and brilliant features, then TCL L42FHDE30 is one of your options.

A television is necessary for every living room. It needs to have all the features, which are there to entertain you at different times of the day.

With a dynamic range of features, which are purely brilliant, TCL L42FHDE30 is the television that you should go for.


The TCL L42FHDE30 42-inch TCL television has a native resolution of 1080p, which means you enjoy high-definition quality on this TCL L42FHDE30 television. It has a brightness capability, which comes to 400 cd/m2. The digital comb filter is also able to provide such amazing picture detail and such beautiful colors on the screen, that around 16.7 million colors can be supported on this TCL L42FHDE30.

This way the right kind of image contrast and clarity can be achieved. To make sure that the entertainment experience is complete, this television has Surround Sound Stereo.


This is made possible with two integrated 5-watt speakers. The 178 degree viewing angles make sure that you can view the screen perfectly from a wide variety of different locations, which means that you will have the right kind of optimum enjoyment. Hence, it would be perfect for social gatherings, as well as for large spaces.

Furthermore, it has a different range of connectivity options, so your entertainment choices are not limited. There are output options available for headphones, coaxial digital audio output, analog audio output. There are two inputs available for one component video, one RF, one PC audio, one PC video, one composite along with one USB 2.0 port.

Therefore, you are able to connect the newest Blu-ray players, camcorders, DVD players, as well as gaming consoles. Furthermore, the channel labeling system makes it easier for you to place station call letters. You will always know the channel that you are watching.

The sleep timer feature is an addition to the huge list. This feature makes sure that the television will automatically be turned off once the preset time has passed. Great for parents, who want to put limits of television watching for their children.

The onscreen user interface is easy, and can be controlled with the remote control easily. This will mean that the sound and picture settings are easily changed.

You are able to change individual sound, along with picture attributes by just clicking a button. The TCL L42FHDE30 is also Energy Star 5.3 Compliant, which means that it is more environmentally-friendly and reduces power consumption.

Therefore, why would you not want to buy this perfect TCL L42FHDE30 television?

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