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VIZIO E701i-A3 Review

The Pro and Cons of VIZIO E701i-A3 HDTV

Looking forward to buy a TV? Then VIZIO E701i-A3 70-inch 1080p 120Hz Razor LED Smart HDTV should be your best bet this festive season.

Coming with a great price, this device has many features you have been dreaming for in a TV set. Here is just a sneak peak of what is there for you to explore in this gadget.

First, VIZIO E701i-A3 has Razor LED is multi-colored and also it has very vivid details all inside the ultra thin design.

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Also, this TV come in two different designs; there are those that have stands and there also those without. For people who love to have a TV on the wall, then you will never go wrong if you choose this device.

VIZIO E701i-A3

The gadget also has internet apps that allow you to enjoy online TV shows, movies online and even play games online. It has a built- in Wi-Fi giving you an opportunity to connect to the internet and even stream videos. Not forgetting it has an amazing QWERTY keyboard which is very easy to use.

Buying this VIZIO E701i-A3 is like winning a jackpot, among the advantages you will get from purchasing it is that first, it is easy to use and to install. It also gives you an opportunity to watch your Blu Ray movies.


The picture quality is also amazing and you can even get a clear view of the picture even when you are 10 feet away from the screen.

The best part of it is that you are going to be give a four-year warranty when you purchase is so you won’t have to worry if something go wrong, you can take it back to your dealer and have it dealt with.

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It however has some shortcomings but it does not mean that they cannot be dealt with. There at tomes when you will have sync problems where you will have the audio and video starting a few minutes after you switch on the VIZIO E701i-A3 TV and also troubleshooting problems whenever you try to use your phone.

VIZIO E701i-A3 Video Review

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